Australian Companies

Jurisdiction: Australia
Source: Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

This dataset includes 10 million companies registered with Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Each registration contains Australian Business Number (ABN), Australian Company Number (ACN), business name, company name, office address, registration date, etc.

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Company Name Location Status Registration Date
MS AND EB REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Spring Hill, QLD 4000, Australia REGD 2020-08-27
GOLDEN BEACH REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Pearsondale, VIC 3851, Australia REGD 2020-08-26
ANNIELAND REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Putney, NSW 2112, Australia REGD 2020-08-25
SAGO REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Richmond, VIC 3121, Australia REGD 2020-08-24
MBS REAL ESTATE GROUP PTY LTD Wentworth Falls, NSW 2782, Australia REGD 2020-08-21
DMT REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Bankstown, NSW 2200, Australia REGD 2020-08-20
SOKSH REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Lidcombe, NSW 2141, Australia REGD 2020-08-19
MAGNOLIA REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Kangaloon, NSW 2576, Australia REGD 2020-08-19
PEOPLE & PROPERTY REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Strathfield, NSW 2135, Australia REGD 2020-08-18
LEAD REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Urrbrae, SA 5064, Australia REGD 2020-08-17
COREY B REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Coombabah, QLD 4216, Australia REGD 2020-08-13
YOUR REAL ESTATE PARTNERS PTY LTD Bongaree, QLD 4507, Australia REGD 2020-08-13
RE-LOCATE REAL ESTATE AGENTS PTY LTD Fremantle, WA 6160, Australia REGD 2020-08-12
ALL ABOUT REAL ESTATE TAS PTY LTD Grasstree Hill, TAS 7017, Australia REGD 2020-08-11
EDEN DEN REAL ESTATE PTY LTD The Ponds, NSW 2769, Australia REGD 2020-08-10
ELLY RAZAAVI REAL ESTATE PTY LTD St. Ives, NSW 2075, Australia REGD 2020-08-09
KBK REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Mysterton, QLD 4812, Australia REGD 2020-08-07
P. M. WHITNEY REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Smithfield Plains, SA 5114, Australia REGD 2020-08-06
YOUR REAL ESTATE CENTRAL PTY LTD Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia REGD 2020-08-06
NOOK REAL ESTATE PTY LTD St Agnes, SA 5097, Australia REGD 2020-08-05
BEAU CHAMPION REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Australia REGD 2020-08-04
GRAYS REAL ESTATE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Wollstonecraft, NSW 2065, Australia REGD 2020-08-04
KEY WEST REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Mount Eliza, VIC 3930, Australia REGD 2020-07-30
MEANDAN REAL ESTATE PTY LTD East Deep Creek, QLD 4570, Australia REGD 2020-07-29
RJ COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Warrandyte, VIC 3113, Australia REGD 2020-07-26
DESTINATION REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Highbury, SA 5089, Australia REGD 2020-07-24
BLACKALL RANGE REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Hornsby Heights, NSW 2077, Australia REGD 2020-07-23
METE REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Mona Vale, NSW 2103, Australia REGD 2020-07-23
WP REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT PTY LTD High Camp, VIC 3764, Australia REGD 2020-07-22
HUMPHREYS REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Prospect, TAS 7250, Australia REGD 2020-07-20
& CO REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Bonbeach, VIC 3196, Australia REGD 2020-07-20
GLORIA DAY REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Beachmere, QLD 4510, Australia REGD 2020-07-18
SAINT REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT PTY LTD Lansdowne, NSW 2163, Australia REGD 2020-07-18
M1 REAL ESTATE GROUP PTY LTD Balcatta, WA 6021, Australia REGD 2020-07-17
LOCAL REAL ESTATE GROUP PTY LTD Benowa, QLD 4217, Australia REGD 2020-07-17
URBAN REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Brighton, VIC 3186, Australia REGD 2020-07-15
JAY & JAY REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Donnybrook, VIC 3064, Australia REGD 2020-07-14
FRASER REAL ESTATE AND DEVELOPERS PTY LTD South Melbourne, VIC 3205, Australia REGD 2020-07-13
GLOBAL INFINITY REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Edmondson Park, NSW 2174, Australia REGD 2020-07-12
NEWTONGATE REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Richmond, VIC 3121, Australia REGD 2020-07-09
T1 REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Blackett, NSW 2770, Australia REGD 2020-07-09
TREAK REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Darlington, NSW 2008, Australia REGD 2020-07-07
DREAMZ REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Maraylya, NSW 2765, Australia REGD 2020-07-07
TREYSTA REAL ESTATE SERVICES PTY LTD Newport, NSW 2106, Australia REGD 2020-07-07
SUNLIGHT REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Berwick, VIC 3806, Australia REGD 2020-07-04
REAL ESTATE 2 U PTY LTD Montville, QLD 4560, Australia REGD 2020-07-03
MK REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS PTY LTD Plumpton, NSW 2761, Australia REGD 2020-07-03
DI BATTISTA REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Westmeadows, VIC 3049, Australia REGD 2020-07-03
ROGERS REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Narre Warren, VIC 3805, Australia REGD 2020-07-01
NBS REAL ESTATE PTY LIMITED Lalor Park, NSW 2147, Australia REGD 2020-07-01
EMERICH REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Coorparoo, QLD 4151, Australia REGD 2020-06-30
DAVID KAY REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Belmore, NSW 2192, Australia REGD 2020-06-25
WOODWARD REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Cremorne Point, NSW 2090, Australia REGD 2020-06-23
REAL ESTATE NETWORK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Mornington, VIC 3931, Australia REGD 2020-06-23
SUE DEWAR REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Bongaree, QLD 4507, Australia REGD 2020-06-22
EVOLUTION REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Bella Vista, NSW 2153, Australia REGD 2020-06-21
FOCUSED ON REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Cremorne, QLD 4740, Australia REGD 2020-06-18
ROSS REAL ESTATE TRADERS PTY LTD Pacific Pines, QLD 4211, Australia REGD 2020-06-18
QWIK REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Corio, VIC 3214, Australia REGD 2020-06-18
IRE REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Breakfast Point, NSW 2137, Australia REGD 2020-06-16
ACCRUE REAL ESTATE PTY LTD South Melbourne, VIC 3205, Australia REGD 2020-06-16
WHITE LOTUS REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Eastwood, NSW 2122, Australia REGD 2020-06-12
NJD REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Camperdown, NSW 2050, Australia REGD 2020-06-12
GOLDENH REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Berwick, VIC 3806, Australia REGD 2020-06-11
ABSOLUTE REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONS PTY LTD Greenbank, QLD 4124, Australia REGD 2020-06-10
JS ASSET REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Glen Waverley, VIC 3150, Australia REGD 2020-06-09
PARKVIEW REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Preston, VIC 3072, Australia REGD 2020-06-09
AWT REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Benowa, QLD 4217, Australia REGD 2020-06-04
LUKE RYAN REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Rochester, VIC 3561, Australia REGD 2020-06-03
ADRIAN WILLIAM REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Marrickville, NSW 2204, Australia REGD 2020-06-01
CAIRNS REAL ESTATE SIGNS PTY LTD Westcourt, QLD 4870, Australia REGD 2020-06-01
MACLEAY REAL ESTATE PTY LTD East Ryde, NSW 2113, Australia REGD 2020-05-29
REAL ESTATE CONNECTORS PTY LTD Possum Brush, NSW 2430, Australia REGD 2020-05-29
RUMA REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Mount Waverley, VIC 3149, Australia REGD 2020-05-28
BEST HOUSE REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Mount Gravatt East, QLD 4122, Australia REGD 2020-05-26
HOLLY BEYER REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Docklands, VIC 3008, Australia REGD 2020-05-24
EXPRESS REAL ESTATE ACADEMY PTY LTD Coombabah, QLD 4216, Australia REGD 2020-05-22
TLW REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Cranebrook, NSW 2749, Australia REGD 2020-05-18
ORANGE REAL ESTATE QLD PTY LTD Carole Park, QLD 4300, Australia REGD 2020-05-18
LF REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Derrimut, VIC 3030, Australia REGD 2020-05-18
MAXION REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Bundoora, VIC 3083, Australia REGD 2020-05-15
PEOPLE FIRST REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Queens Park, WA 6107, Australia REGD 2020-05-15
STEVE MURPHY REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Thornlands, QLD 4164, Australia REGD 2020-05-14
ROB DAVIS REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Shoalwater, WA 6169, Australia REGD 2020-05-14
REAL ESTATE QUANG MINH & CO PTY LTD Kealba, VIC 3021, Australia REGD 2020-05-13
NEWGEN REAL ESTATE PTY LTD. Carlingford, NSW 2118, Australia REGD 2020-05-13
REAL ESTATE MUSIC AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Bondi Beach, NSW 2026, Australia REGD 2020-05-12
ANDREW INGHAM REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Ocean Grove, VIC 3226, Australia REGD 2020-05-07
WHITE BOX REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Docklands, VIC 3008, Australia REGD 2020-05-05
LIVE REAL ESTATE BROKERS PTY LTD Chatswood West, NSW 2067, Australia REGD 2020-05-05
LN INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE PTY. LTD. Dover Heights, NSW 2030, Australia REGD 2020-05-05
YOHO GROUP (PERTH REAL ESTATE) PTY LTD Subiaco, WA 6008, Australia REGD 2020-05-04
REAL ESTATE PROSPERITY PTY LTD Banksia, NSW 2216, Australia REGD 2020-05-04
LATITUDE REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Black Rock, VIC 3193, Australia REGD 2020-05-01
AW REAL ESTATE (GOLD COAST) PTY LTD Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia REGD 2020-04-30
COLLAB REAL ESTATE PTY LTD Victoria Park, WA 6100, Australia REGD 2020-04-29